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Here are some common ones that respond well to our programs.

80% of patients can get multiple autoimmunities.

Do you suffer from Thyroid Disease?

The thyroid affects the whole endocrine system. Thyroid hormones are converted in the liver and the gut. It is also supported by adrenal and sex hormones. Autoimmune thyroid issues, like Hashimoto’s and Grave’s, means that the body is attacking itself and it is not the same as hypothyroidism.

We’ll know during this first visit, and more importantly, YOU WILL know whether or not if our unique Thyroid Disorder Treatment program is going to help you! If we can help you, we will let you know. But if we can’t, we will be glad to make a referral.



Our approach starts by determining the exact cause, performing the correct treatments, and teaching our patients to regain health independence.

  • It’s time to get to the root cause of your condition.
  • Stop the endless cycle of bandaids, shots, medications, and surgery.
  • Start recovering your healthcare independence again.
  • Begin your journey of true healing.


We have successfully treated tens of thousands of patients just like you.

I diagnosed with Lupus. I was experiencing severe pain, swelling, stiffness, and weakness all over my body. My energy level was very low. I felt miserable all the time. My job was beginning to suffer as well.

After I met Dr. Healy all symptoms above greatly reduced. My energy level greatly improved shortly after my first visit, and my quality of life and pain gets better with each visit. Dr. Healy had made such a difference in my quality of life. I am totally satisfied. My quality of life has gotten so much better that I now enjoy all social events and family time. My professional life has also got better.

Thank you, Dr. Gene, for saving me!

Indra E

Lupus Patient

Dr. Healy and his staff are truly wonderful – friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. Appointments are always on time. I never have to wait. The very best thing about Dr. Healy is his compassion and willingness to look at the cause of my illness (MS) and not just my symptoms – something no one has ever done.

In the past 5 months, he has done more for me than any other healthcare professional in the 35 years of my illness. He has given me hope when I thought there was none. I can never thank him, Dr. Sorrells, and Suzanne enough for all they’re doing for me.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a natural approach to healing.

Donna M

MS Patient

I went to Dr. Healy for a “wellness” visit. Don’t want to admit being over 55 and having high blood pressure and other issues I blame on a Sedentary job.

I am so impressed with the immediate results of being relaxed, sleeping better and in the morning when I take my blood pressure it was in the normal range, 10 points decrease. He is very thorough and kind.

Give acupuncture a try, I am confident you will be impressed as well.

Carolyn C

High Blood Pressure

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 15 years. My daily routine was mostly sleeping due to extreme fatigue and dealing with pain, spasms, tremors, and much more. I came across an article in the MS Foundation talking about the advantages of Acupuncture.

I found Dr. Healy and thank him for everything he has done for me. I now have a new quality of life and enjoy each day pain-free. Thank you again for all you have and will continue doing for me!!!

Vanessa M

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patient

As a nurse for many years, I have been suffering from on and off lower back pain. One day, I woke up in so much pain that I could hardly get up and that’s when I decided to see Dr. Gene Healy at Root Healing Acupuncture.

I have heard of so many good things about acupuncture but never tried it myself, I am so glad I finally did. Pain relief was instant from the very first treatment. It’s been close to 2 years and I still go for maintenance treatments every month or whenever I needed to. Most recently, I hurt my left neck area during a boxing workout, I thought I would never be able to box again fearing that I have caused enough damage that I will be in pain if I do such work out again.

Went for acupuncture and my pain level of 10 went down to 4 immediately with no help from any medications and I’m boxing again after resting my neck area and getting acupuncture twice a week for 2 weeks! I highly recommend Dr. Gene and his team!

Joy D

Expert Nurse

The whole team at Root Healing Acupuncture is wonderful! I have already referred many friends, family members, and clients and will continue to do so to anyone I meet who has a desire to improve their lifestyle and health as I have done.

The treatment plans are clearly explained and the patient is encouraged to participate in planning a course of action for self-improvement.
Everyone is very helpful and friendly in a lovely clean, relaxing, and professional environment.

So happy I found them – Thank you!

Deborah S

Happy Patient

I came to see Dr. Healy for disc injury, hyperthyroidism, and a nodule on my thyroid.

My pain level was 8.5 out 10 and now it is down to 0. Also, after the use of Chinese herbs, my nodule is gone and my blood levels concerning my thyroid are all normal.

Peter B

Hyperthyroidism Patient

I first went into the office for severe stomach pain back in July. I have a history of ulcers and other stomach issues, so I had a pretty good idea of what route my regular doctor would take. I just didn’t want to go back to the typical western medicine way that clearly didn’t actually help solve anything.

I had a consult and started treatment right away. I was provided some herbs to help ease the pain and to help treat my current symptoms. It was recommended I also do a stool test and through that, we found out some important info to further my treatments. Over the last few months, I have had acupuncture in addition to herbs and other supplements. I am happy to report that I am pain-free and have been for weeks now. I’m confident the combination of these treatments, herbs, and supplements in addition to a conscious dietary change made all the difference.

This has been a much better experience than any other medical route I’ve ever taken. I am happy I found Root Healing and would recommend even just a consult with them to help you learn more about what they do.

LaTasha T

Digestive Disorder Patient

Dr. Healy is an amazing practitioner. He is a skilled and compassionate healer.

With his help, I have lost 20 pounds, and have also experienced relief from my anxiety and depression.

I would highly recommend him to anyone needing care.

Christina F

Weight Loss Patient