Restorative Therapy

Restorative Therapy

What is Restorative Therapy?

Restorative Therapy uses cellular therapies to repair tissues and organs that have been damaged by trauma or disease. This approach takes advantage of the body’s innate tendency to heal and restore.

One of the most exciting areas of restorative medicine currently Restorative Therapy.
Restorative Therapy have the ability to both replicate and transform into different cell types. These cells are injected into the injured area and change into whatever type of cell the body needs to repair itself. The proven ability for these cells to differentiate and successfully repair human tissue has been acknowledged worldwide as a big discovery in natural healing. Root Healing Wellness is proud to be able to offer Restorative Therapy to you.

Here is a short video that explains amniotic restorative therapy: Cell Video

This flipbook, created by one of our tissue suppliers, gives you a comprehensive and informative look restorative therapy: Patient Guide

This web link will take you to the restorative therapy Health Centers, a visionary organization with a wealth of information regarding restorative medicine and restorative therapy. If you click on the Health Center Directory, you will find us listed as a provider.

And, if you’re hungry for more information, check out these e-books on restorative medicine and restorative cell therapy :

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