Chinese herbal medicine, though not well known in America, has been practiced for over 5000 years. Individual herbs are combined in a formula which is tailor made for each patient’s specific constitution and condition. Formulas often contain multiple herbs that act together synergistically to boost the body’s resources and address the patient’s pattern. Herbal medicine is safe and free from most of the side effects of “Western” (allopathic) drugs if prescribed correctly according to proper TCM pattern diagnosis. Many allopathic drugs have herbs as there source, but they isolate and use only particular properties of the herbs while increasing their strength. This approach to symptom relief in allopathic medicine often has side effects. The body is extremely complex and works as a whole. Chinese herbal medicine, the other hand, uses many herbs together while basing their diagnosis on the patient’s pattern addressing the whole body and mind. Two patients could suffer from migraines, but in TCM the patients might have different patterns requiring different herbal formulas. Therefore Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the individual, getting to the root of their condition, not just their symptoms.

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