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The Path To Natural Healing:

STEP 1 – CONSULT: Sit down with one of our doctors and discuss your current health and your goals. We’ll present you with a plan to get you on the path to resolving your condition naturally and reclaiming health independence.

STEP 2 – TREATMENT: Begin your journey to better health as we walk side-by-side with you every step of the way. Our functional and alternative medicine treatments are individually tailored to a patient’s specific condition and constitution. We offer a vast array of treatments rooted in Traditional Chinese and Oriental Medicine .

STEP 3 – HEALTH INDEPENDENCE: After beginning your care, follow through until the finish line. Experience the results you were looking for and learn how to maintain your health.

Heal naturally from conditions like:

Autoimmune Issues

Patients with autoimmune issues love us because we take the time to diagnose the root cause of their issues and help them with a complete health solution.


Patients with an overall pain love us because, whether it’s back, shoulder, neck, hip, or knee pain, we help them heal and get their life back again naturally.


Neuropathy patients love us because we provide a solution not just a band-aid to their nerve damage, and we’ve done research with the University of South Florida on the subject.

Vision Issues

Patients with vision issues love us because we provide hope where they thought there was none. Our proven method helps restore vision in a natural and safe way.

What Our Patients Say

I came to Root Healing Wellness for Neuropathy, restless legs, digestive issues with constipation, left shoulder pain, and hormonal imbalance. After seeing the doctors and receiving acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my leg neuropathy improved with hardly any pain. My shoulder pain improved and I can now use it more for daily chores. My constipation improved and I am more alert and energized. I weigh less and have a healthier lifestyle after taking supplements. I share this experience everywhere I can. I am thankful to Root Healing Wellness and all of the staff for all of the help. I have my life back. I would strongly recommend you to visit them and get help too!

Carolyn H.


Are you a person who shutters when you hear the side effects of pharmaceutical medicine? I was that person. My shoulder was frozen and I couldn’t raise my arm above my head, my knee had arthritis, a hormone imbalance, lymphedema, and I suffered for years with neuropathy (foot nerve pain) that was a result of chemotherapy. In my head, I was still young, but my body was on a different page. I did some research online and decided to go to Root Healing in Dunedin. The doctors have had extensive training in Asia and are highly qualified in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I am a patient and each week I am getting stronger and healthier thanks to the excellent care I am getting. I enthusiastically give them 5 stars!

Joan M.

Shoulder Pain

I am a diabetic Type II with burning neuropathy; my toes were purple and they have now cleared up. Root Healing Wellness put me on a cleanse and I have lost 23 lbs in 17 days. My blood sugar level has gone way down, from 150 to 95. I feel great, great, great!

Bob B.

Diabetes & Neuropathy

Hi, my name is Thomas, and I am 94 years old. I had back pain at a level of 10 before I came to Root Healing Wellness. I never thought I would walk without pain again. Now my pain is 0 out of 10! Thanks, Root Healing Wellness!


Back Pain

Went to Root Healing Wellness for treatment of wet macular degeneration, and after 10 treatments my retina doctor saw a big improvement in my eye. Thank you Root Healing Wellness, all of you were great. Give them a call today and get healed!

Bruce W.

Vision Loss

My experience with Root Healing Wellness has been amazing. I have been treated for hot flashes, lower back/neck/shoulder pain, and digestion issues. The doctors were very personable and patient to determine the best treatment option for my specific needs.

Michelle L.

Hot Flashes

I diagnosed with Lupus. I was experiencing severe pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness all over my body. Energy level was very low. I felt miserable all the time. My job was beginning to suffer as well. After I went to Root Healing Wellness, all symptoms above greatly reduced. Energy level greatly improved shortly after my first visit, and my quality of life and pain gets better with each visit. Root Healing Wellness has made such a difference in my quality of life. I am totally satisfied. My quality of life has gotten so much better that I now enjoy all social events and family time. My professional life has also got better. Thank you, Root Healing Wellness, for saving me! I want to tell you that there’s a way out of pain. Book a consultation with Root Healing Wellness today!

Indra E.

Autoimmune Issues

I am thrilled I decided to invest in Functional Medicine with Root Healing Wellness. My overall cardiovascular system was out of balance with symptoms of high blood pressure, high heart rate and heart palpitations. Five months later my blood pressure is averaging less than 125/85, my pulse rate is in the 70s and 80s and I haven’t had any palpitations. My digestion and elimination has improved and my thyroid goiter (which was very large) has visibly shrunk. Inflammation markers and lipid panel have improved significantly as well. At 63 years old I feel like I’m “youthing”. Thank you Dr. Healy, Dr Beverly and your wonderful support staff. You are true healing professionals!

Forrest S.

Functional Medicine

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