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Dr. Gene Healy
Dr. Gene Healy is an acupuncture physician and doctor of oriental medicine. He has treated over fifty thousand patients.

After graduation he worked and studied extensively in Asia, learning from accomplished teachers of Oriental Medicine in South Korea. He has also taught Oriental Medicine in universities in South Korea in both English and Korean and has practiced medicine in 8 countries around the world: U.S.A., South Korea, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. His experience ranges from the acute injuries and chronic illnesses of American patients to the suffering of the destitute in the rural areas of India.

Currently, Dr. Healy is the owner of Root Healing Wellness, providing acupuncture in Dunedin, near Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and other Pinellas County communities. He is also proud to be working with Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute where he offers community-style acupuncture at two sites in Clearwater and Largo.

Dr. Healy also has a B.A. in Religion and has practiced yoga and meditation since 1995. He first learned yoga in temple settings in South Korea and has taught extensively in South Korea, India, Cambodia as well as the United States. He teaches yoga and meditation according to each patient’s abilities and needs. Dr. Healy has also completed many intensive meditation retreats during his travels, studying and practicing alongside respected teachers. His meditation experience ranges from insight meditation to zen and mantra meditation. Dr. Healy currently teaches yoga and meditation at various places in Dunedin along with Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.

Dr. Shyler Neveaux, AP, DOM

Dr. Shyler Neveaux, AP, DOM has been licensed as an Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Florida for the last 23 years. She began her education at Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine in New York City and transferred to Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in St. Petersburg, FL graduating in February 1997.

She is certified in Acupuncture Injection Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, and Functional Medicine utilizing Blood Chemistries, Saliva, Stool, Urine, and Food Intolerance Testing.

Dr. Neveaux’s mottos are “Do no harm AND health is not the absence of disease.” She believes that Traditional Chinese Medicine coupled with Functional Medicine is the foundation for living a healthy life and true health care.

Functional Medicine addresses the cause of disease with lab work similar to conventional medicine but includes more markers to identify the root cause of disease. Once the diagnosis is determined, holistic therapies are prescribed to bring health and harmony to the body without side effects.

Dr. Neveaux joined Root Healing Wellness because of the focus on Functional Medicine and reputation working with cancer support, eye disorders, auto-immunity, diabetes, neuropathy, and other chronic conditions.

Dr. Shyler Neveaux

Dena Hurst Ph.D

Dena is a Ph.D in philosophy from Florida State University. Inspired by her tai chi training to deepen her understanding of Chinese medicine, Dena followed her heart to education and apprenticeships in Chinese medicine. She has completed education in the principles of Chinese medicine through the Beijing Mebo TCM training Center, affiliated with Wangjing Hospital, China Academy of Chinese medicine Sciences (CACMS)
Dena is a Medical Qigong practitioner, working toward becoming a doctor of Medical Qigong. Medical Qigong is a form of Chinese medicine that focuses on the deepest root of health issues by applying evidence-based protocols to regulate Qi, or energy, and allow the body to heal to its potential. 

ce reading is a special non-invasive technique used in Chinese medicine to reveal health and emotional imbalances and provide insight into positive changes that can promote healing.

Dena also provides support for Root Healing’s functional medicine team, collaborating closely with Dr. Healy and Dr. Neveaux, and coaching patients through their healing journey. By working with your body, mind and spirit, Dena’s goal is to help you regain balance and be your healthiest self.


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