Peptide Science


“A safe, effective way to “fast track” and accelerate healing and health results with success!!”


What are peptides?

In short, peptides are amino acid chains that directly link to signals sent between cells in your body. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Their real job is to help your body use its own innate healing abilities to move toward optimal health.

These strings of amino acids can contain anywhere from 2-50 individual amino acids. These are also quite smaller than any regular proteins in the body.

Each peptide has its own unique function. For example, some might act as hormones, while others work as neurotransmitters. Some may even have direct interactions with the body as a response to activities you perform, or something you eat.

Now, since peptides are smaller than proteins, your body processes them easier. This creates a lot of benefits. Peptides can come from either plant protein sources, or even animal protein sources.

Peptides play a major role in how your body responds to diet and exercise. If issues of fatigue, endurance, poor recovery, or injury and healing are concerns, peptides can accelerate improvements. Adequate peptide levels are imperative for performing at optimal levels.

Over 7,000 naturally occurring peptides have been identified to date. We are all now discovering that peptide therapy is gaining more notoriety with physicians and medical professionals. 

This is because peptides are very effective by being so specific in their action. Because peptides are naturally occurring in the body, they are usually tolerated very well and are therefore safe for peptide therapy treatments.


Benefits of Peptides!

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Increased Energy
  3. Improved Immune Health
  4. Reduced Brain Fog
  5. The List Goes On & On!

“Peptides touch any positive aspect of your health!”

The biggest benefit of peptides when it comes to weight loss is there are hardly any side effects if any at all. Peptides harness the natural pathways within your body unlike other suppressing weight loss medications out there.

“Weight gain is just a symptom, it’s how your body is protecting itself.”

With just 90 days of use, some peptides have been shown to decrease body fat by 9%, reduce visceral fat by 14%, increase lean muscle by 5% and that’s just getting started!

Here are a few peptides you might want to take:

  • GHK- Cu: boosts immunity, hair growth, & so much more
  • MOTS-C: regulates metabolism, increases energy, and more
  • Sarcotropin: circulatory benefits, weight loss, and more


Is Peptide Therapy Right for You?

If you are looking for help with losing weight, gaining more muscle mass, or even having more energy, talk to our professionals about peptide therapy and if it is right for you. Reach out to us to learn more about peptide therapy.