The holidays are a great time of year. They are full of friends, family, and memories. The holiday season can also be full of pounds.

The average American will gain between five to seven pounds during the holidays.

Consuming sweets and treats is a common practice during the holiday season but it doesn’t have to overtake you during this time.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to sweets. There are some alternatives that you can do apply to your life so that you can still enjoy the holidays but stay healthy throughout.

A great way to prevent extra weight gain during the holiday season is to do a liver cleanse.

The liver is involved in the overall regulation of the metabolic functions in your body. Your liver creates the enzymes to break down your food.

It also regulates your blood sugar which is one of the key components of keeping weight off. Another function of the liver is to metabolize hormones.

If you start putting on weight in your belly and hips, this shows that your liver is not functioning properly.

If you are putting on weight everywhere, like your arms, chin, and legs then this is more of a thyroid issue.

Liver Enhancement Diet

The liver enhancement diet is a great diet to help get your liver cleansed and help you feel your best. There are a few components to it.

The first one is to do an animal protein fast for one to two weeks. The length of the fast will depend on how your body is reacting to it.

If you have the tendency to have low iron or anemia, then the fast can become a bit difficult. But listen to your body and determine the length of the fast that will work the best to cleanse your liver but still help you get the iron you need.

Another component of the diet is to create a mixture of lemon juice, cranberry, and apple cider vinegar. You can take this once a day.

You can even do this when you are not doing the liver enhancement diet. You can do this when you feel like you haven’t treated your liver too kindly and are looking for a way to cleanse it a bit.

The last part of the liver enhancement diet is to eat lots of good leafy greens, so cruciferous vegetables.

So the keys are to get rid of animal proteins. You can add in nuts, even eggs if you wish, and then eat a lot of good leafy greens.

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Peptides for Weight Loss

The liver enhancement diet is a great way to keep your weight in check but peptides are also a great way to help you keep your weight in check and help you feel your best.

There are sequences of peptides that can help open up the metabolic process.

The peptide that covers weight loss is AOD 9640. AOD stands for “anti-obesity drug”.

What the researchers did is they tried to find the metabolic pathway that was mostly blocked by patients who had obesity or diabetic tendencies.

They found that the 9640 turned off and on that metabolic pathway. So the white fat started converting into brown fat. The brown fat is more metabolically active.

White fat is so difficult to metabolize because it usually collects around our organs. So oftentimes, the belly fat that people are wanting to get rid of is from the visceral fat that grows around our organ systems.

This type of fat can put a lot of stress on your organs. The chief component of the 9604 is that it opens up the pathway so that the white fat around the organs can start being burned.

Then, it will eventually help start burning the extra abdominal fat as well.

Benefits Of Losing Weight

Losing weight has a lot of benefits for those suffering from joint pain. Whether it’s knee pain or other joint pain, losing weight will have great benefits for your body.

For every pound that you take off on top, you will take off an additional four pounds on the bottom and on the knees.

Researchers have found that there could be great benefits of mixing 9604 with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating factor in your disks and joints.

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AOD 9604

AOD nine six zero four also regulates that ghrelin and leptin response. A lot of other ways to lose weight impact your body’s hormones and other aspects of your body.

There are some medications that speed up your heart rate, and in turn, speed up your metabolism.

That will definitely help you lose weight but you are also going to suffer from other risks.

When comparing AOD 9604 with other medications, there are a lot fewer risks than other medications.

The beautiful thing about peptides is that all they are doing is opening up pathways versus putting a hormone in and shutting down your endocrine system. They are influencing your body in a natural way.

Holidays Done Right

The holidays are a great time of year but take advantage of the liver detox as well as the AOD 9604 to help you lose that extra weight and help you maintain a healthy weight this holiday season.

It’s also not too late to start thinking about your health goals for 2020 and get an early jumpstart on them.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.